20 Style Tips On How To Wear Paper Bag Waist Pants

If you read the title of this and thought, “WTF are paper bag waist pants?” let me explain. Paper bag waist pants are pants that have a scrunchy waist that reminds one of a paper bag. They usually scrunch at the waist and are tied together with a ribbon/belt. They’re chic, elegant, and probably not the pair of pants you choose when you’re running errands or just trying to be casual. They are, however, the pants you would choose when you want to look fierce AF and impress everyone around you. But since these aren’t your typical clothing item, it can be a struggle to figure out how to wear them without looking out of place.

The good news is that anyone can wear paper bag waist pants! They make you look instantly put together and mature, and they’re great for fancier occasions if you don’t want to wear a dress, or they can look professional enough for work. There are more outfit options than you think, and since they’ve been slated to be one of summer’s biggest trends, you might want to check ’em out. You can try a pair that almost look like harem pants, something cropped, a linen pair, or even shorts. These style tips on how to wear paper bag waist pants will give you some unique outfit ideas and fashion inspiration – and they’ll make you want to drop some money at your favorite store.

1. High waist paper waist pants look great with a crop top for hot summer nights/days. Heels dress up the look, while flat sandals keep it more casual.

2. You can also opt for paper waist shorts. Add a breezy kimono and bright tank to stay casual and comfy.

3. A tank top, long necklace, and ankle boots keep paper bag waist looking fit for the coolest girls.

4. Paper bag waist pants look very feminine, but you can give them a bit of an edge with a cropped leather jacket and studded shoes.

5. Add a blazer, heels, and leather bag to keep skinny paper bag waist pants looking professional and chic.

6. Go for something more unique by wearing pants in a bold pattern with a unitard and metallic heels.

7. With a light sweater and some pretty jewelry, paper bag waist shorts look dressed up and trendy.

8. Pick out a pair of bright paper bag waist shorts to have some fun with your look. A plain white button down shirt makes this shade work.

9. Balance out a pair of wide leg paper bag waist pants with a shirt tied at the waist.

10. A floppy hat, bustier top, and studded belt leave your pants looking ridiculously cool.

11. Yes, denim paper bag waist jeans exist. Wear yours with a classic pieces like a white button down and suede bag to keep them from looking TOO trendy.

12. Don’t be afraid to go for a print! This striped pair is so nautical and perfect for summer with a white tee.

13. Heels and a statement necklace make paper bag waist shorts and a plain t-shirt look good.

14. Loose paper bag waist pants look effortless and chic with a breezy tank and light scarf.

15. Wear denim paper bag waist shorts with a cool bralette and a floppy hat for more of a boho vibe.

16. A cropped pair looks perfect for summer with a bright tank and pretty sandals.

17. A paper bag waist skirt looks a little retro and very cute with a striped top and a pretty belt.

18. Make baggy shorts look sexier with a sheer blouse.

19. A paper bag waist midi skirt and simple tank make for an easy outfit that looks so good.

20. Khaki paper bag waist pants look comfortable and chic with a white tank top and side braid.

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