20 Style Tips On How To Wear Patchwork Denim Jeans

Fall always brings about new denim trends, and this year is no exception – in fact, if anything, denim seems to be even more exciting this season. One of the coolest and most fun denim trends, to me, is the patchwork denim jeans that have been spotted all over the place, from supermodels like Kendall Jenner to normal people like you and me. The patchwork jeans that are popular right now are usually light blue jeans with patches of darker or lighter (or even patterned) denim on them. They tend to have a bit of a boho, casual vibe to them, but they’re actually more versatile than they seem. So how do you wear patchwork denim jeans without looking like you have no idea what you’re doing? We’ve got some ideas.

From dressed up style blogger outfits to more casual, easy-to-wear “regular” person outfits, there’s something for everyone here. You can buy your own patchwork jeans, or you can even make them yourself using scraps of old jeans that no longer fit. Add rips to make them more destroyed, or add actual cute patches to make them colorful, unique, and fun. Whatever you choose, this statement piece will definitely stand out, and you’ll never look at old, boring denim the same way again. Here are some style tips on how to wear patchwork denim jeans through the end of the summer and the fall:

1. High-waisted patchwork denim jeans can be a lot of look, so if you want to stay more casual, wear them with a plain tank or tee and sneakers. It’s comfortable and cute.

2. Make that simple, summery look more fall-appropriate by adding a bomber jacket as a layer.

3. Go trend crazy with patchwork jeans, a baseball cap, a long choker, and lace-up flats. You’ll definitely make a statement!

4. Add combat boots and a leather jacket to toughen up your patchwork denim.

5. Chunky heeled sandals and a loose tank tied in front keep the jeans looking simple but chic.

6. Or you can add a crop top for a sexier vibe.

7. A button down shirt tucked into patchwork jeans looks instantly more professional and put together, whether it’s tank style or has longer sleeves.

8. For fall weather add a cozy weather, then cuff your jeans and wear them with ankle boots.

9. A leather jacket is the perfect layering piece with patched jeans.

10. Cuff up your jeans, add ankle boots, and throw on a sweater. For chillier days, a long tailored coat makes even baggy patchwork jeans look more chic.

11. Keep things simple with a pattered shirt and a pair of flats. Proof that patchwork jeans can be worn like any other jeans!

12. The patches on your jeans don’t have to be denim! They can be colorful and patterned if you want to do something more fun.

13. A striped tank, cute hat, and metallic flats make for a perfect and versatile outfit.

14. Add heels for instant polish – they make a jeans and tee combo look more dressed up.

15. A blazer and button-down shirt make even patchwork jeans ready for work.

16. You also can’t go wrong with a silky shirt and a pair of simple heels. Red lipstick dresses up the look even more.

17. Not into the jeans? Patchwork denim skirts are also ridiculously adorable.

18. Or you can opt for a patchwork denim jacket, another item that’s really popular this fall.

19. Really make a statement with double denim. A chambray shirt matches nicely with patchwork jeans.

20. If you’re keeping the rest of your outfit simple, have fun with your shoes. Leopard flats definitely aren’t too much with patchwork jeans.

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