20 Style Tips On How To Wear Platform Brogues

Welcome to two of spring’s biggest trends: brogues and platform shoes. Put them together and you’ve got platform brogues, the unofficial “cool girl” shoe of the season (and when I say “cool girl,” I mean literally any of you can rock this look). Platform brogues are enjoying a moment right now, and it’s not hard to see why. They have a really unique look that is kind of a mix of preppy and wild, and they can easily take a boring outfit and make it more interesting. Platform brogues also offer height without being as uncomfortable as a stiletto – they are almost like flatforms, so there’s no serious arch to worry about. The only question left is, how do you wear them?

Platform brogues look best with a casually chic outfit, like something you might wear to work or to school if you want to look especially nice. They’re not exactly fit for fancy occasions, although by all means, do whatever you want with them! I think they look really cool with jeans, but I’ve seen style stars pair them with feminine dresses and still look amazing. One thing is for sure: no matter how you wear them, they’ll be a spring staple. They’re comfy, they’re ideal for transitional weather, and they look really freakin’ cool. Here are a few ways to wear your platform brogues this spring:

1. Keep things simple with jeans and a sweater. Cuff or roll up your jeans a bit to really show off the shoes.

2. Boyfriend jeans and a long sweater are super relaxed, while the platform brogues make the outfit look a little less casual.

3. Pair them with a super feminine dress for a nice contrast of styles that ends up looking very chic.

4. Platform brogues look great with cropped pants and a cool tank. It’s an easy spring outfit you can wear anywhere.

5. Ready for bare legs? These shoes look so cool with a sweater dress and leather jacket.

6. Platform brogues make joggers look a little bit more dressed up.

7. Wear them with colorful jeans and a graphic tee for a sassy, easy outfit.

8. Still feeling chilly? Wear your platform brogues with cropped pants, but don’t be afraid to let your socks show.

9. Go for a stylish look by pairing platform brogues with culottes.

10. Pair the shoes with something unexpected, like jeans with colorful patches on them.

11. Give your favorite little black dress a cooler look with your platform brogues.

12. Make super ripped jeans look a little less casual with platform brogues and a cute hat.

13. Opt for metallic platform brogues, which look seriously amazing:

14. Platform brogues even look good with more professional clothes, like cropped trousers and a white button down. They just add a funky feel.

15. These shoes are right at home with a casual dress and they’re comfortable enough for days you have to walk a lot.

16. Wear them with trousers for a more old-fashioned vibe.

17. Pair them with a mini skirt and a colorful top for the perfect spring outfit.

18. Or use them to help transition a night to day look, like a leather mini skirt and crop top.

19. Wear them with fishnets to mix two trends at once.

20. Platform brogues also surprisingly look great with midi skirts!

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