20 Style Tips On How To Wear A Ruffled Top This Summer

Ruffled tops are currently enjoying a moment in the fashion spotlight. This is partly because we’re in a season where off-the-shoulder tops are everywhere you look (they often include ruffles) and partly because… well, I don’t know, honestly, because I don’t really get how the fashion industry decides on trends simultaneously. Regardless of the reason they’re so popular, they’re here, and you should probably buy at least one ruffled top. I mean, of course, you don’t have to – do you! – but you might want to, because they’re really pretty, much more versatile than you think, and kind of fun to wear.

These frilly shirts have a reputation for being super feminine, flowy, and a little bit dressed up, but I’m not sure why. There are so many different versions of them that it’s hard to pin them down to one particular kind of style. There are shirts with small ruffled elements, like on the sleeves or along the bottom hem. There are tops with ruffles going down the middle, shirts that are full on ruffled all over and have a flair for the dramatic, and other options that tend to look more professional. There are so many ways to wear them, and they can be a lot more fun than just your standard t-shirt. Want to add some dramatic glam to your look this summer? Check out these style tips on how to wear a ruffled top now:

1. If you really want to stick with the feminine elements of a ruffled top, wear it with a pretty midi skirt and heels for your next fancier event.

2. Want something more casual? A lightly ruffled peplum top with jeans is the way to go.

3. Ruffles around the neckline and on sleeves is a lot of look, but don’t be afraid to add on with layers of bold necklaces. Just keep the rest of your outfit simple.

4. Wear an elaborate printed ruffled top and mix it with other prints. Some people keep things more simple with ruffled shirts since they’re such a statement piece.

5. A ruffled crop top is a really cute and fresh way to take on the trend. Add boyfriend jeans and slip on sneakers to keep it casual and comfortable.

6. High-waist shorts are another way to make off-the-shoulder ruffled tops work perfectly for daytime looks.

7. Pair a feminine ruffled top with an unexpected accessory, like these flatform sandals.

8. A loose off-the-shoulder ruffled top looks perfect with black jeans and sandals. This can easily be worn for a night out or during the day.

9. Keep a dramatic looking ruffled crop top on the casual side with a denim skirt and big sunglasses.

10. If you want something more subtle, opt for a shirt with ruffled sleeves. This kind of top looks really pretty with a skirt and flats.

11. Another subtle way to get in on the trend is to choose a shirt that has small ruffles along the bottom.

12. Get creative and layer your ruffled top under a crop top. This all black look might be a little warm for summer, but the layering idea is really different.

13. For a more boho vibe, wear a ruffled crop top with a maxi skirt and flat sandals.

14. Make a ruffled top more professional looking by tucking it into a tighter A-line skirt.

15. If you’re going to wear a loose ruffled top, pair it with skinny jeans so that the proportions balance out.

16. Don’t be afraid to add other trendy accessories! A choker and a cute hat work perfectly well with a ruffled top and ankle booties.

17. Show off some skin by wearing a ruffled crop top with a shorter skirt and cute sandals. It’s the perfect summer outfit!

18. Opt for a sheer ruffled top to make this girly look a little more sexy.

19. A high neck ruffled top is definitely dramatic, but it’s a fun look if you’re going out. Wear it with a skirt to make it more dressy, but pair it with heels to make it more casual.

20.  Don’t shy away from dramatic ruffled tops. Something like this makes an amazing statement.

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