20 Style Tips On How To Wear The Sexy Athleisure Trend This Summer

Fashion is having a casual moment. Sure, there are more feminine, fancy trends happening right now – statement sleeves, ruffles, off the shoulder dresses – but for the most part, the focus is on comfort and minimalism. Block heels are spotted more often than stilettos, fashionistas everywhere can’t stop wearing sneakers of all brands and colors, and athleisure style is still going strong for yet another season. This is great news for anyone who isn’t willing to sacrifice comfort for style, and that’s especially true for the summertime. No one likes to be sweating in a tight dress and high heels, you know what I mean?

Athleisure is not about putting on some workout clothes and then heading out, pretending you just got back from the gym even though you don’t have a membership (and yes, people do this – a girl I know asked her boyfriend to buy her an expensive Nike outfit, saying, “I want it to look like I work out, but I don’t want to actually look like I was working out,” and it’s become one of my favorite quotes of all time). Athleisure is about wearing casual basics in a stylish way. So, yeah, you can wear straight up workout clothes, but you should also pair them with something else, like nice accessories.

This summer, ~sexy athleisure~ is also a thing, apparently. I don’t know if someone made this up, but I’ve heard it more than once, so I guess it’s legit? It’s basically the same thing as plain ol’ athleisure, except… sexier? Right. So, if you’re confused, read on. Here are a few ways to wear sexy athleisure this summer so that you look amazing AND feel amazing.

1. Keep it simple and super casual – black workout leggings are the easiest athleisure piece to wear because they’re so versatile. Wear them with a crop top and sneakers for a cute and comfortable look.

2. You can also make your athleisure look a little more upscale by pairing one super casual piece with luxe items. Joggers barely look like sweatpants when worn with heels and a nice top.

3. You don’t have to wear actual workout clothes to get in on the trend, though. A cotton dress like this striped one looks casual and sporty when worn with sneakers and a denim jacket.

4. Pair joggers that are clearly sweats with a crop and heels to make them look perfect for a night out.

5. A t-shirt dress is another great option that looks sporty but isn’t actual workout clothing. Pair it with a fitted blazer and some statement jewelry to dress it up, then add sneakers to keep it casual.

6. You don’t have to wear heels with joggers to keep them from looking like boring sweats. Add cute basics, like a statement necklace and a chambray shirt, to stay comfy, casual, and still stylish.

7. You can make sexier items look more casual with athletic accessories. A tight midi skirt like this one doesn’t seem sporty, but worn with a tank, sneakers, and a baseball cap.

8. The same idea works for a regular A-line skirt like this one. With a simple t-shirt and sneakers, it looks sporty and cool.

9. Joggers don’t have to be black to look good outside of the gym. Dress up joggers like these with a button down and chic flats.

10. Make a simple workout tee, like an Adidas shirt, more dressed up by tucking it into a mini skirt – a leather one like this looks very cool.

11. Jeans become part of an athleisure wardrobe when worn with other workout clothes, like an Adidas top and a sporty bomber.

12. Make a cotton skirt like this one look more casual, but still work appropriate, with a denim jacket and sneakers.

13. Do something a little different, like wearing a sporty shirt like this with jeans and sneakers.

14. A t-shirt dress looks trendy with cool accessories, like a hat, stylish bag, and sneakers.

15. Pair a workout top, like this mesh tank, with a ~fancier~ item, like leather leggings.

16. You can even make an athleisure inspired outfit out of items that aren’t made for the gym at all – a denim mini skirt and a polo top look sporty with sneakers and a hat.

17. A black leather mini becomes more casual with a tee and sneakers.

18. Do something different, like wearing a sporty sheer dress over a crop top and denim shorts.

19. And of course, you don’t have to wear sneakers – flat sandals look good too!

20. Make a romper look sporty but chic with sneakers, cool jewelry, and bright lipstick.

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