20 Style Tips On How To Wear Sheer Tops This Summer

If you want to wear something that is sexy without being too over-the-top, but still trendy, then opt for a sheer top. See-through shirts are hard to miss this summer, and they don’t need to be reserved for a big night out – they’re more versatile than they seem. While a tighter sheer top is automatically going to look a little more dressed up, something loose or patterned is easy to keep casual and comfortable. Why not try it out this year?

One quick warning: every time you wear a sheer shirt, someone will inevitably feel the need to point out that they can see through your shirt, or see your bra (depending on how you’re wearing it). I know this from firsthand experience, and let me tell you the best way to deal with that: smile, say, “I know,” and change the subject. Anyway, get yourself a sheer top this weekend (there are some great Memorial Day sales out there, just saying!). They’re a great way to show off some sex appeal, and they’re also fun to wear with one of the season’s biggest trends, bralette tops. Ready to show off a little skin? Check out these stylish ways to wear sheer tops this summer:

1. Pair a black sheer top over a black bralette, and tuck it into high waisted jeans to make the look a little more casual.

2. Or go way fancier by wearing a black sheer top with a tight skirt and heels.  Add a long vest if you want the extra coverage.

3. You don’t have to stick with the same color shirt and bra – a colorful sheer shirt over a black bra looks really cool too.

4. A sheer top with a pattern is a lot more subtle – pair it with a tight skirt and heels for a night out.

5. Try a sheer top that has strategic placement of embellishments, like these stars.

6. Wear a sheer tank over a bralette that covers more, and tie it up into a front knot if you want to turn it into a crop top.

7. If you want more coverage, layer a sheer shirt under a tank dress.

8. You can keep it simple with a loose sheer top (not as obvious), jeans, and flats.

9. Wear an oversized sheer shirt over a crop top and denim shorts for something really unique.

10. Get a sheer top that has some sort of pattern, like this polka-dot look.

11. Do something different by wearing a sheer top over a graphic tee.

12. Layer your sheer top over a lace tank top or crop top for a super feminine vibe.

13. Keep a sparkly sheer top more casual by wearing it with destroyed jeans and a pair of sneakers.

14. Layer a sheer top over a tank top in the same shade – you can barely tell it’s see-through!

15. Opt for a sheer top with lots of embellishments and wear it over a really pretty bralette to make even more of a statement.

16. Or wear it over a tank and a simple pair of jeans.

17. Go for a sheer top that has an insert, so it’s actually only sheer on the arms and the back – or something similar.

18. Pair your top over a tank top of the same color, which takes on a different look when the shades are light rather than black.

19. Don’t be afraid to do more – embellishments, a pattern, and ruffles actually look really cool together.

20. Layer a sheer top under a dress like this one, letting the sleeves peek out.

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