20 Style Tips On How To Wear Statement Sleeves This Spring

If you only plan on trying one new fashion trend this spring, make it statement sleeves. Giant sleeves featuring lots of volume, ruffles, and/or frills are going to be everywhere. Actually, they already are, if my trip to the mall last weekend was any indication. Huge, dramatic sleeves dominated the Fashion Week runways, and Instagram style bloggers can’t get enough. And, to be honest, it’s one of the more fun trends we’ve seen in a while. Statement sleeves are unique, they’re a stand-out piece, and they look incredibly stylish. Why not buy at least one shirt that features them?

Spring is the perfect time for them, because they’re typically long – so, not great for summer heat – and they’re usually big – so, not ideal for shoving underneath layers of jackets. There are also more ways to wear them than you might think. Statement sleeves can be made casual and relaxed with certain items, or they can be more dressed up and put together with others. However you want to wear them, you should first get some style inspiration from a lot of dope outfits found on the Internet. Here are some tips on how to wear statement sleeves this spring that will convince you to start shopping:

1. Create some balance by wearing dramatic sleeves with skinny jeans.

2. You can keep the rest of your outfit simple with jeans and a pair of sneakers…

3. …Or you can get a little more dressed up with a mini skirt and a pair of heels.

4. Layer a sweater with statement sleeves over a white top to make things a little more interesting.

5. Opt for an off-the-shoulder statement sleeve top for warmer weather.

6. Don’t feel like everything else has to be simple besides the sleeves. The texture of this shirt is amazing, as is the large belt and pleated skirt.

7. Tuck a billowy top into high-waist pants for a fancy look.

8. Layer your top with dramatic sleeves under a tank dress for a cool ’90s-ish vibe.

9. Don’t just focus on the sleeves – pick a shirt that is dramatic all over.

10. Or, do the opposite, and pick small statement sleeves, like these that just flair out at the wrist.

11. Pair your top with unexpected pieces, like sporty joggers.

12. As the weather warms up, choose short sleeves instead of long.

13. Look casual but cool in a sweater dress featuring big statement sleeves.

14. You can’t go wrong with statement sleeves, high-waisted bottoms, and ankle boots.

15. Create makeshift dramatic sleeves by leaving the bottom of the sleeves of button-down shirts open.

16. Go for a monochromatic look if you want something more sophisticated.

17. Since layering big sleeves under jackets is tough, layer under a cozy vest.

18. Or layer your sleeves under a sweater and let the ends puff out.

19. Or just drape your coat over your shoulders!

20. You can always keep it simple with a dress with dramatic sleeves. All you need are cute shoes!

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