20 Style Tips On How To Wear Striped Pants

If you’ve gone out into public at all in the last few months, I am pretty positive you’ve been able to tell that stripes are easily one of the biggest trends in the fashion world right now. Striped tops and dresses are insanely popular, but so are striped pants. If that sounds unappealing, it shouldn’t – the striped pants on the market right now are nothing like the Beetlejuice pants you might think of. They’re more like trousers, both fitted and loose, and they look perfect for easy, breezy summer weather.

Wearing striped pants can be intimidating, though. It can be hard to figure out which top to pair them with and which shoes to opt for, because these pants are loud, bold, and statement making. What do you wear with a piece like that? Well, a lot, actually. If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve got a ton of it. Below are outfit ideas on how to wear striped pants taken from bloggers and super trendy Instagram users alike. You’ll quickly want a pair, and I’m betting they’ll become your most loved summer go-to.

1. Black and white striped pants are probably the most popular option, and also the most versatile. Keep them simple by wearing them with sneakers and a solid colored tee.

2. For an easy summer outfit that looks good and feels comfortable, pair wide leg striped pants with a tank top and a pair of heeled sandals.

3. Cropped striped trousers look casual and fun with a crop top and a pair of mules or sandals.

4. Match the color of your tee to the colors of one of the stripes for a cohesive look. Throw in a bright colored accessory for a pop of color.

5. Striped culottes are a perfect summer piece. Keep them casual by wearing them with a graphic tee and flat sandals.

6. Although black or blue striped pants are the most popular options, you can still go bright! Pick one of the colors in a pair like these and make that the color of your top for a colorful look.

7. A bold graphic tee and a pair of flats look funky and unique with a pair of skinny striped pants. The key to keeping it from looking jumbled is to stay in the same shades.

8. This tip works for solid colored tops too – stay in the same color family for a chic looking outfit, like this tan/beige one.

9. Mix two big trends together for an Instagram worthy outfit: off the shoulder top and striped pants.

10. Add a blazer over your tee to make the pants look a little more professional.

11. Don’t be afraid to get super colorful striped pants! These look great with all black items that don’t take away from them.

12. A lot of the outfits involve tops tucked into the bottoms, but you don’t have to do that. Leave a button down out, or half tuck it.

13. Instead of sandals or heels, mix it up and wear a pair of Oxford shoes or loafers – keep the colors the same so they don’t clash.

14. If you want something a little more subtle, pick dark striped pants that aren’t quite as bold.

15. Skinny striped pants look so adorable with a graphic sweatshirt.

16. Opt for wide leg ankle length striped pants for something a little more unique.

17. Add something fun, like fluffy sandals.

18. A straw hat makes these striped culottes look perfect for a beach day!

19. Make a serious statement by wearing your striped pants with a striped top. Staying in the same color family and picking two different size stripes makes this work.

20. Wear them with an equally bold top, like a ruffled off the shoulder item.

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