20 Style Tips On How To Wear Striped Skirts

While right now your wardrobe might consist of a lot of denim shorts, crop tops, tank tops, and bathing suits, it won’t be that way for long. We will soon be entering that annoying transitional period between summer and fall. You know, when it’s cold in the morning and evening, but sweltering hot in the middle of the day, so you have no idea what to wear? Or when one day is 80 degrees and the next is 65? So fun to dress for!

During seasonal changes, it’s good to know how to build outfits that can go from hot to cold and in-between pretty quickly. Certain pieces of clothing work better for that kind of weather than others. One item that is very versatile and can be worn in any season (with some tweaks) is a striped skirt. At the same time, though, striped skirts can be kind of difficult to style because at first glance, it doesn’t seem like they go with everything. The secret? They kind of do. Check out these 20 style tips on how to wear striped skirts through the end of the summer and beginning of fall, and get ready for some serious fashion inspiration.

1. Pair a full striped skirt with a colorful crop top like this one.

2. A casual graphic tee and cute sandals keep a slim striped skirt from being too professional or dressed up.

3. One super easy look is to wear a striped skirt with a black top. Add a bright cardigan for a pop of color and to stay warm on chillier days.

4. Add a white tank and a fitted blazer to a striped pencil skirt for professional settings. A brightly colored blazer is even better!

5. Belt a chambray top over a striped skirt to define your waist. Add heels to make the look more dressed up.

6. Another option is to tuck in your chambray shirt, then button up and add a statement necklace.

7. Striped skirts don’t have to be paired with solid shirts. Mix patterns for a fun and unique look.

8. This is a perfect example of a transitional outfit. The wedges and skirt make this look work for summer, but in the fall, you can add the cardigan to stay warm.

9. Pair stripes with stripes. A cropped shirt helps break things up.

10. When in doubt, wear a black and white striped skirt with a black top. You can’t go wrong with that simple outfit.

11. A polka dot sweater looks fun with a striped shirt. One color palette keeps this from being too much.

12. A lightweight sweater and striped maxi skirt make the perfect outfit to go from August to September.

13. A white tank, denim vest, and sneakers keep a striped pencil skirt looking super casual.

14. I love how a pop of super bright color looks with a more neutral striped skirt. This yellow sweater looks amazing.

15. Want to start small with mixing patterns? Use a leopard print bag while wearing a striped skirt.

16. A denim jacket is a great transitional piece for summer to fall. Wear it with your striped skirt and some pretty accessories.

17. Here’s another perfect example of a transitional outfit: on warm days, don’t add the sweater. On chillier days, add it. Ankle boots work for both summer and fall.

18. A simple white tee is all you need sometimes.

19. Sneakers and a sweater make a striped skirt into the perfect school outfit.

20.  For the last hot days of summer, wear your striped skirt with a bright tank and a long necklace.

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