20 Style Tips On How To Wear Sweater Coats

Spring is coming! In terms of fashion, we know what this means: more florals, more bright colors, lots of new trends to try, and best of all, less layers. Gone are the days when you have to pile on a puffy coat with a scarf, gloves, hats, and maybe an extra sweatshirt. Say hello to the days when you… actually don’t know what kind of outerwear to wear because it’s cold in the morning but hot by afternoon? Oh, yeah. Forgot about that part of spring weather, didn’t you?

The unfortunate truth is that spring weather is not the end of layers or outerwear altogether. Here in New York, we have at least another three months where we have to throw on something extra to keep us warm during chilly mornings and evenings. But what are you supposed to wear when a light sweater is too light and a heavy winter coat is too heavy? Leather and denim jackets are cool, but they’re not always the most comfortable of items. This, you guys, is where sweater coats come in.

What is a sweater coat? It is one of two things (to me, at least): a long, heavy sweater that is just a little too solid to be worn as a cardigan OR a coat that is made of sweater material and looks like a giant sweater. I realize that sounds weird. But hear me out! Sweater coats are great. They give off a cool vibe, they feel so comfy, and they keep you warm without suffocating you. They are, basically, the perfect option for spring outerwear. Want to wear one? Here are 20 style tips on how to wear sweater coats to try right now.

1. A sweater coat is very versatile because it can be casual or more dressed up. Add slip-on sneakers to keep your look simple and extra comfortable.

2. Add a thin belt to cinch the coat closed (most sweater coats don’t have zippers or buttons). It keeps you warmer and looks very chic.

3. White jeans can be worn any time of the year, but if you want to make them look more cold-weather appropriate, add a sweater coat and an actual sweater.

4.  Keep your sweater coat looking professional and put together by wearing it over a button down shirt, skinny jeans, and a cute pair of heels.

5. Some spring days still require a scarf! Add a black one and a striped shirt for a classic look you can’t go wrong with.

6. I love wearing this sweater coat with a chunky infinity scarf, a chambray shirt, and ankle boots. Take off the scarf, and you can wear this all day long.

7. Try a pair of vibrant running shoes to make your simple sweater coat more fun. Adding glam accessories like sunglasses and a structured bag pull the look together.

8. Ready to show off your cute cropped pants? In that case, add a sweater coat like this one. It doesn’t contrast too much and it makes the outfit more unique.

9. You know those days where the weather is just warm enough shorts, but you need more layers at certain points? These are the days to add a cozy sweater coat.

10. A dress isn’t always warm enough for spring days. Over the knee boots and a sweater coat like this keep you warm and looking chic.

11. Layer shorts over cute tights, then wear that with a sweater coat. The whole look is perfect for a transitional season like spring.

12. Here’s a simple sweater coat outfit: black dress, patterened tights, boots, a scarf, and a beanie. Perfect!

13. When in doubt, go for all black. You can never go wrong there.

14. Add a big statement necklace and a pair of heels to keep your sweater coat looking glam.

15. Or just keep things really simple and wear yours over jeans and a top.

16. I also have this gray and black sweater coat that I love wearing with a gray dress, tights, and ankle boots.

17. It’s almost crop top weather, but… not quite. Add a long, cozy sweater coat to make it crop top season for you.

18. If you’re feeling a little too chilly, just grab a beanie!

19. You can’t go wrong with a spring outfit like cuffed boyfriend jeans and thin heels. Add a sweater coat for a much needed layer.

20. Go for something casual, but still chic: ripped jeans and ankle boots.

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