20 Style Tips On How To Wear Thigh High Boots This Fall

If you’re going to buy one new pair of shoes this fall/winter, make it thigh high boots. Trust me. Thigh high boots, also known as over-the-knee boots to some, are a definite style staple this year, and don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. They’ve practically replaced knee high boots for right now (although those are still great) and it’s impossible to go on Instagram without seeing at least one #OOTD featuring them.

Not sold on over the knee boots just yet? Allow me to change your mind. Thigh high boots offer more warmth than knee high or, obviously, ankle boots. They’re also markedly sexier – there’s something alluring about showing off only a little bit of your upper thigh. They’re also evolving to be more versatile than ever. A few years ago, OTK boots were thought of as a super sexy accessory worn when dressing up. Now, they can look just as good with jeans and a bulky sweater as they do with a bodycon dress – in fact, I think I like them better with the sweater.

I, personally, am obsessed. I have two pairs of Dolce Vita thigh high boots (one with a heel, one more flat) that I recommend to everyone. They’re comfortable, they dress up any outfit, and they make a statement. If you’re still not sold, check out these outfit ideas. They’ll show you how to wear thigh high boots and make them your own. Then go buy a pair! Trust me!

1. The trendy way to wear thigh high boots right now is to pair them with an oversized t-shirt and a baseball cap (points for the choker).

2. You can make your denim shorts work through fall by wearing them with a big cozy sweater and OTK boots. It’s basically like a dress!

3. Got an oversized button-down shirt? Wear it with your thigh high boots to make it look like a dress. This is especially cute with chambray shirts.

4. If an oversized tee and boots feels too naked to you, add a layer like an oversized denim jacket or something similar.

5. Another very big trend right now: oversized sweaters worn with thigh high boots. It’s super cozy and comfy, and kind of weirdly sexual?

6. Work some fall layering action by wearing your boots with a long tunic or shirt, then pairing a bomber jacket over it.

7. Another very trendy look of the moment? An oversized sweatshirt with over the knee boots. The mix of sweats and fancy boots is actually really cool.

8. Layering a dress over another shirt is getting more and more popular as the season goes on. Take on that trend and add thigh high boots to really complete the look.

9. A sweater dress was made to be worn with over the knee boots. Wrap a flannel shirt around your waist for the throwback vibe that’s very in right now.

10. If you’re looking for a sexier and more dressed up option, pair a lacy, silky slip dress with your thigh high boots.

11. These boots can also look professional when you wear them with a structured skirt, a pretty blouse, and a nice coat.

12. You can make your spring and summer dresses work for winter weather by wearing them with OTK boots and a hat.

13. Instead of just wearing your boots with a dress or oversized shirt, pair them with a suede or leather skirt and a cozy knit sweater.

14. Wear over the knee socks underneath your boots so they peak out at the top. It’s extra warmth and comfort, and looks good too.

15. If you want to try the oversized shirt and boots trend, but you feel weird skipping pants, put on a pair of shorts that just barely peak out.

16. As the season goes on, it can get so cold that you don’t even want to expose a little bit of your leg to the air. Pair your boots over skinny jeans to make a plain sweater look instantly more interesting.

17. Take on the athleisure trend by wearing your thigh high boots with ripped shorts and a sporty sweatshirt.

18. It doesn’t get more cozy and comfortable than over the knee boots with a big sweater and a pair of leggings!

19. If you’re into the sweater and boots look, but don’t want to go too oversized, try belting your sweater at the waist.

20. No matter where you’re going, this classic combo works: a sweater or blouse, a skater skirt, and a pair of thigh high boots. Perfect!

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