20 Style Tips On How To Wear A Velvet Dress This Fall

So many ’90s trends are back in style that it only makes sense for velvet dresses to be back too. I am personally very excited. I grew up with velvet dresses as a Thing, and I always loved them. They made me feel special and dressed up and fancy, and for some reason, I associated a lot of them with Christmas, which is always a nice memory. I watched girls who were way older and cooler than me layer them over white t-shirts and look awesome or wear them with chokers and look equally awesome and kind of badass in a feminine way. I was a kid, and so I didn’t have the chance to do those things – instead, my mom put me in crushed velvet dresses with lace collars and a matching velvet headband.

But now I’m an adult and I can wear a velvet dress however I want! I don’t have to look like a living doll anymore. I’m just… feeling a little stumped. So, I looked into a bunch of different ways to wear a velvet dress and wanted to share them with you guys. While they can seem very fancy they definitely don’t have to. It’s also the perfect material for fall and winter weather because it’s warm and cozy. And honestly, it’s fun to just feel it as you’re wearing it because it’s really soft. These are a big trend right now – trying to go to Urban Outfitters without wanting to buy one, I dare you – so go buy one! Here are 20 style tips on how to wear a velvet dress to give you some style inspiration:

1. Get some fall layering on. Wear your velvet dress over a collared shirt, letting the collar peak out. Wear it with tights and ankle boots to complete the look.

2. Give your velvet dress a layered grunge look with a black hat and chunky black ankle boots or combat boots. A dark lip and a pointy color make it work even more.

3. Another collar tip: let a frilly or lacy one hang out, or cut it from another top and sew it in. With flats, this cute doll-look works for any day.

4. Crushed velvet dresses are super feminine and can easily look really young. Adding a leather jacket is a great touch.

5. Go for a serious ’90s vibe by pairing a velvet dress with a choker and huge lace up combat boots.

6. Or go the total opposite route and wear a super fancy velvet dress to a fancy event. It makes so much of a statement on its own that you really only need simple heels.

7. A black velvet dress with a black hat, ripped black tights, black shoes, and long silver jewelry with dark lipstick is the perfect witch vibes outfit.

8. Pair a velvet slip dress over a white turtleneck. It’s the perfect way to wear a spaghetti strap dress in the colder weather.

9. Another great way to wear a velvet midi dress – add colorful accessories and a long jacket for a night out.

10. A cute way to wear a mini velvet dress that seems better suited for warmer weather is to add a denim jacket and ankle boots. It’s an easy, adorable outfit.

11. One of my favorite ways to wear a velvet slip dress is to put it over a white tee. It’s simple and adorable and looks even better with a choker.

12. You can take that outfit idea and add some color to it. A colored slip dress looks cute over a different colored tee, and the whole look is instantly made more casual with sneakers.

13. Add tights and ankle boots to a loose, boho style ankle dress for an easy fall outfit.

14. I like the idea of adding a long necklace and making the ankle boots pointy – it just makes the look a little bit more glam.

15. You can never go wrong with a velvet dress, a choker, and a pair of sneakers.

16. Add colorful heels to a crushed velvet mini dress for a fancy night out.

17. A velvet midi dress like this makes such a statement! With delicate heels and a cool choker, you’ll look so chic.

18. Do something a little different and wear a colored (or black) velvet dress over a buttoned up white shirt.

19. Add a statement necklace and a chambray shirt for something more casual.

20. Or go for the classic: layered over a graphic tee with Converse sneakers. So cute.

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