20 Style Tips On How To Wear White Adidas Sneakers This Summer

Remember last summer, when black slip-on Vans were the unofficial go-to “cool girl” sneaker? Well, while these comfy slides are certainly still popular, they have been kicked off their pedestal a bit by white Adidas sneakers. Yes, simple, plain, white Adidas sneakers are the new “cool girl” aesthetic. Or, not exactly new, because they’ve been popular for a few months now. But with the nicer weather, I’ve recently noticed an uptick in girls wearing white Adidas sneakers. I get to go a lot of cool beauty and fashion events in New York City for a job, and not one event goes by where at least one editor doesn’t show up wearing her pristine white sneakers.

Now, wearing white Adidas sneakers might seem like a no-brainer. They’re plain sneakers, after all. But make no mistake: there is a certain ~aesthetic~ that goes along with them, which is kind of this “I’m very casual but also extremely glamorous and I put no effort into my appearance but I look awesome all the time and also I have a really big following on Tumblr and maybe I’m an Instagram influencer” vibe. It’s complicated. But if you want to nail it, I’m here for that. These sneakers are comfortable and versatile and are much better than heels. So, want to wear them? Here are some style tips on how to wear white Adidas sneakers and not look like you’re getting ready for gym class:

1. With a mini skirt, plain tee, and a chambray shirt, Adidas sneakers look casual but still put together.

2. Pair the sneakers with something unexpected – like this black midi skirt with a slit. The dress can easily look fancy, but it’s made casual and cool with the sneakers.

3. For another unique combo, grab an oversized button down. The look is easy and comfy while still really stylish.

4.  Break up an all black ensemble with clean white sneakers.

5. Mimic Kylie Jenner’s style with skinny jeans and a crop top. You can add an open chambray shirt if you need another layer.

6. A romper and a pair of sneakers could not be easier or more perfect for a warm summer day.

7. Add other trendy accessories, like round sunglasses and a cute Panama hat, to make a simple outfit more fun.

8. Pair your sneakers with summer classics, like a striped dress and straw hat.

9. Be true to the nature of the sneakers and wear them with sweats/leggings. So comfortable!

10. Pull your socks up a bit and wear this look with a simple dress for something a little offbeat.

11. Obviously white sneakers look great with skinny jeans. Add a nicer top to keep the look more dressed up and put together.

12. The Adidas sneakers also obviously go well with cut-off denim shorts. Add an off-the-shoulder top to keep the look more trendy.

13. Wear your sneakers with a tracksuit and a baseball hat. Hey, the athletic look sometimes just works!

14. For an easy outfit that still looks cute, wear your sneakers with ripped jeans and a cropped tee.

15. Your LBD gets a more casual vibe thanks to your comfy white sneakers.

16. For cooler days, opt for ripped jeans and a plain tee with your sneakers. A leather tote bag makes this easy look seem chic.

17. Take your Tumblr aesthetic to the next level by wearing your Adidas sneakers with a plaid shirt tied around your waist and a crop top.

18. This outfit could easily be more dressed up, but the sneakers keep it casual and daytime appropriate.

19. A maxi dress and white Adidas sneakers go together surprisingly well. Add a leather jacket if needed.

20. The perfect summer outfit might just be a sweater with a mini skirt and sneakers. Easy, cool, and comfortable!

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