20 Style Tips On How To Wear Monochromatic Style

If your winter wardrobe staples are already starting to feel a bit stale, it might be time to change it up and try something new. There are obviously so many different options, but why not go for something a little more unique… like a monochromatic outfit. A monochrome outfit consists of a few different pieces of clothing that are all in different shades of the same color – or just the same color throughout. So, for example, it could be dark gray jeans with a light gray sweater and a gray-ish white pair of shoes. Or it could be a white shirt, white pants, white shoes, and a white jacket. It sounds easy to master, and it basically is, but it can sometimes be a little trickier than you would think. So, how do you wear a monochromatic outfit without looking like you got dressed in the dark? Start with some style inspiration, of course.

One person who does monochromatic style really well? Kim Kardashian-West. Ever since Kanye West made her throw out all of her clothes and start fresh with a new wardrobe (I still can’t decide if that was sweet or terrible), Kim has been rocking a lot of monochrome looks. She’s usually spotted in a dress and coat and shoes, all of which are the exact same color, and it always looks ridiculously chic and glamorous. You would think it would be boring, but it’s not. It’s just… cool.

The good news is that you don’t have to wear bodycon dresses or $5 thousand dollar coats to achieve the same look. In fact, you don’t even need to wear all of the same exact color. You can play around with this look in so many different ways, and it’s perfect for winter style. Here’s how to wear monochromatic outfits like the street style star that you are:

1. The easiest way to do monochrome is to pair different shades of the same color. A cream or winter white is super chic for right now.

2. All black is easily the most popular monochromatic look out there, it’s chic AF no matter how you do it. Add one pop of bright color to spice things up, like colorful shoes.

3. To keep the outfit from looking like a blob of the same color, play around with different textures and patterns. This is example: layer a gray knit sweater over a gray and white striped shirt.

4. You can do similar colors for a slightly updated look. For example: a light tan sweater, white jeans, brown boots, and a brown bag are all different colors, but they give off a monochromatic vibe.

5. You don’t have to stick to neutrals, either, even if they’re the usual go-to. A pink monochromatic outfit is so fun. To keep yourself from being too bright, add a light shade in there.

6. Or you can do bright colors in one shade only, like this sweater and jeans that are the same shade of purple. Pair that kind of look with shoes in a different color.

7. Gray and black can give off a monochromatic vibe too. Try pairing dark gray with black and a shade in between the two.

8. All denim is typically called a “Canadian tuxedo,” but it’s basically monochromatic style. Try it for something different.

9. If you’re wearing only one shade for each piece, make it interesting by making one item stand out more – like this sheer top, for example.

10. All blue is easy to do with denim jeans. Just add a light blue top and a sweater or jacket in a bright blue so that you really cover everything.

11. Break up an all-black outfit by showing a little skin, like wearing a crop top with high-waist jeans.

12. Instead of sticking with just plain black pieces (or any color), add in a patterned piece in the same color scheme. A striped shirt is a great option.

13. When in doubt, go for all black. It’s really hard to get it wrong.

14. A dress is an easy way to achieve a monochromatic look. Add a jacket and shoes that are the same color but different shades – you can even coordinate with your lipstick.

15. Make sure one piece really stands out in all black outfit, like statement sleeves or ruffles.

16. Pair a cream or white dress with a cardigan of the same shade, then put on shoes that are the total opposite. It’s not exactly monochromatic, but it basically is.

17. Take advantage of the simplicity of an all black look to play around a bit. Doing an embellished shirt or putting fishnet socks on that peek out is fun.

18. Break it up with a white tee. I love how the dark greens and blacks mix so well, and the white tee keeps everything from being too much.

19. Include a statement making accessory, like a leopard clutch, to show off against your monochromatic outfit.

20. Play with different textures to keep the look interesting. Doing something unexpected, like knit and velvet, makes this more fun.

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