20 Style Tips On How To Wear Birkenstocks For Fall

Birkenstocks have been back in style in a major way this summer – it was hard to go anywhere without seeing at least one pair of these vintage-looking staples on someone. I bought a pair of knockoff Birks from Target (because why pay $130 for sandals when you could get a pair for $25 and everyone thinks they’re real?), and I’ve been practically living in them for the last few months. And while you might think I’m about to stow them away until spring, you would be wrong!

Just because summer is ending doesn’t mean you have to put your Birkenstocks (or knockoff Birkenstocks) in the closet. Birks are surprisingly cute with socks, and they can of course be paired with jeans. They’re perfect for days when it’s just warm enough for sandals, so be sure to keep yours out. Clueless on how to wear them with your fall staples? Here are 20 style tips on how to wear Birkenstocks this fall:

1. Jeans, a kimono, and a floppy hat make Birkenstocks ready for cooler weather.

2. Or, on even cooler days, add a cozy sweater.

3. A blazer and statement necklace make casual Birks a little bit more dressed up.

4. On the other hand, a simple cardigan and boyfriend jeans with Birkenstocks make the perfect cozy, comfortable outfit.

5. Want to wear your light printed pants in fall? Just add Birkenstocks and a cardigan.

6. Birkenstocks with socks? Totally a thing. Look how cute they are three different ways:

7. Could this be any more comfortable? Birkenstocks keep a sweatshirt and destroyed jeans from looking too bummy.

8. A leather jacket makes jogger pants and Birkenstocks ready for fall weather.

9. Do something unique and pair your Birkenstocks with knee socks and a casual dress.

10. A sweatshirt, scarf, jeans, and knit socks keep sandals cozy for fall.

11. Birks, socks, and skinny jeans with a big sweater make for the easiest, comfiest outfit ever.

12. Who says you can’t wear white pants after Labor Day? A plaid shirt and Birkenstocks make them work any time.

13. Layering makes Birkenstocks look right in chillier weather. Go for a sweater dress, plaid shirt, and knit socks.

14. A plaid shirt and a leather jacket are classic fall staples. Who says Birkenstocks and socks can’t be added to that list?

15. Leggings, a beanie, a giant sweater, and Birkenstocks make the best weekend outfit.

16. You can’t go wrong with Birkenstocks, a simple tee, jeans, and a light blazer on September days when the weather can’t make up it’s mind.

17. Pull your knit socks over your skinny jeans to really show off the look.

18. Midi skirts work for fall when you add a cardigan or jacket. Pair them with Birkenstocks on warmer days.

19. A beanie, socks and Birks, and a sweater make shorts look right in autumn. Tie a plaid shirt around your waist for when you get chilly.

20. A giant knit cardigan is the best way to make a crop top and sandals work for fall weather.

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