20 Style Tips On How To Wear Crop Tops In The Winter

When it’s freezing cold outside, the last thing you probably feel like doing is thinking about showing off your midriff. But, alas, crop tops are still a huge trend right now, no matter what the temperatures are outside. Not that you have to follow trends, but it’s hard to find anything except crop tops in stores, and besides – they’re really cute!

The good news? You can definitely still wear a crop top in the middle of the winter. All it takes is a little bit of layering, and adding some extra warm pieces to make sure you don’t freeze your abs off. Or you can just say eff it, and struggle with the cold for the sake of your outfit. Here are 20 style tips on how to wear crop tops in the winter, with lots of cute outfit ideas you’ll want to steal ASAP:

1. Layer a cropped sweater over a plaid shirt. Add a hat for more warmth.

2. If you’re dressing up for a fancy event, wear a long-sleeved crop top with a midi skirt and heels for an elegant but sexy look.

3. Wide pants are great, but don’t give you much of a shape. Adding a long-sleeved crop top that shows off a sliver of your midriff makes even the widest pants instantly sexier.

4. Wear a cropped sweater over a black sundress to make it work for winter. Add tights for warmth.

5. Wear a cropped sweater with a skater skirt. It will only show off a tiny bit of your stomach, so it’s not too much and is perfect for the daytime.

6. Pair a crop top with high-waist jeans, and layer an open plaid shirt over it.

7. Create a successful layered look with a crop top over a shirt, a denim jacket, and a cute beanie.

8. Add a cozy cardigan to a crop top and high-waist jeans outfit. Ankle boots and a beanie make this perfect for winter.

9. If you want to look super chic and elegant, try a knit co-ord like this.

10. Keep a crop top casual with high-waist jeans and sneakers. Add a wide-brimmed hat and long coat to stay warm.

11. Layer a crop top over a crisp shirt. It’s so glam and cool.

12. Keep it simple with a cropped sweater, high-waist jeans, and cute boots.

13. Add combat boots to make even the most feminine crop top a little more tough.

14. Who knew you could wear shorts and a crop top in the middle of winter? Just make it a cropped sweater, and add tights and ankle boots.

15. If your jeans are high enough, you won’t even be able to tell your sweater is cropped!

16. A loose crop top looks perfect with a maxi skirt and belt.

17. A high-waisted skirt was made for a cropped sweater. Add tights, socks, boots, and a scarf to stay cozy.

18. Or forgo the tights and just wear thigh-high boots.

19. Wear a crop tank top with a maxi skirt, and add a blazer to keep the look polished and warm.

20. A super long knit cardigan goes perfectly with a crop top and skinny jeans.

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