20 Style Tips On How To Wear Denim On Denim

A few months ago, I mentioned a style tip about trying the denim on denim trend (AKA the Canadian tuxedo). A few people who were obviously against this idea commented expressing their disinterest. I get it – denim on denim is a whole lot of look, and it’s not for everyone.

But it’s also something that seems to be making a comeback. In August, two major magazines (Glamour and Marie Claire) featured celebrities wearing all denim outfits on their covers. There’s a lot of backlash against this trend – people say it’s tacky, ridiculous, and very ’90s. While styling denim on denim can definitely be tricky, it can be done. And when it’s done right, it looks fresh, unexpected and cool.

So why not try something new? If you’re going to attempt this, tread carefully. A general rule of thumb? Mix two different washes/colors of denim. Here are 20 style tips on how to wear denim on denim the right way.

1. Follow these three basic rules when putting together an outfit like this, and you should be okay:

2. To tone it down, pair an open chambray shirt over a solid-colored tee.

3. Break up the look with a belt that stands out.

4. Or, break up the look by tying your chambray shirt into a bit of a crop top.

5. Add funky accessories, like these leopard print headband and studded flats, to make the look fun.

6. Go for two opposite washes, and add a hat to look chic.

7. Try a denim top with a pattern to keep things from being too matchy-matchy…

8. …Or go for patterned denim jeans!

9. Tie a denim jacket or shirt around your waist for a serious ’90s vibe.

10. Try denim on denim with a vest instead of a shirt. It’s a little more subtle.

11. Keep things casual and simple by pairing your chambray shirt with destroyed boyfriend jeans.

12. If you’re not fully committed to the idea, just try denim jeans with a denim jacket. You can always take it off!

13. Take advantage of the warm weather and try shorts instead of jeans.

14. Add bright, bold shoes to really bring the outfit together. Love these yellow heels!

15. If you’re easing your way into the trend, try layering a black sweater over your chambray shirt. It makes it more subtle.

16. Try a denim tank instead of a long-sleeved shirt.

17. In the fall and winter, layer with a bright blazer.

18. Mix different kinds of denim, like this polka-dot chambray shirt with coated denim jeans.

19. Add a little bit of pattern into the mix with a cool scarf that stands out.

20. A lot of people wear the darker denim on the bottom, but switch things up and try it on the top. Also, adding a statement necklace is always a good idea.

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