20 Style Tips On How To Wear Denim Cutoff Shorts Without Looking Sloppy

Last weekend I realized that the only shorts I own are high-waist denim cutoff shorts from American Eagle. These shorts are comfy, cute, and perfect for casual summer days, but… they’re not exactly glam or fancy. The good news is that even though denim cutoffs look super casual and kind of messy, that doesn’t mean they can’t be dressed up a bit.

There IS a way to take your denim cutoffs and make them look less sloppy! Fashion bloggers do it all the time (at least, this is what I see on Instagram). Want to wear your favorite denim shorts and still look like a supermodel? Totally possible. Here are 20 style tips on how to wear denim cutoff shorts this summer without looking sloppy:

1. Add a white button-down and cute sandals. It’s still a casual look, but it’s put together too.

2. Wear an open plaid shirt over your crop top and denim shorts. The extra layer adds a bit more.

3. A fitted black blazer makes anything look automatically more professional. I love the slip-on sneakers – they keep this casual.

4. A striped shirt, belt, hat, sandals, and denim cutoffs make a perfectly chic and comfy summer outfit.

5. Sometimes all you need is a fitted black tee. Tuck it in so it looks less sloppy.

6. A tucked in button-down blouse, fedora, and sandal heels make denim shorts more dressed up.

7. Throw a leather jacket over a white tee and add comfy sneakers. This is so simple, but looks effortlessly cool.

8. Or you can opt for a leather vest, which looks just as cool!

9. A bright crop top or bralette looks cute with denim cutoffs. Bring the look up a level with a long printed blazer and unique shoes.

10. Add a statement necklace and heels for instant glam.

11. A button-down shirt and flitted blazer make denim shorts look more professional.

12. Sometimes all you need are some luxe accessories, like gold jewelry and a pretty clutch.

13. Add a pretty sweater and heels. I love these pops of neon color!

14. Ankle boots and a cute cardigan look great with denim cutoffs.

15. Add a pretty tank and kimono for something casual but party-ready.

16. A pretty silk vest and a statement necklace take denim shorts to a whole other level of chic.

17. Go for gladiator sandals and a button-down for easy chic.

18. Tuck in a black tank top, add a sparkly necklace, and throw on an open button-down. Easy and cute!

19. Cuff up your shorts and add a cool hat and boots for a different vibe.

20. A silky blouse and gold jewelry dress up your shorts, while fun flats keep the look more casual and comfy.

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