20 Style Tips On How To Wear Flare Jeans

For the last few years, the denim world has been all about skinny jeans. It doesn’t matter if your jeans were distressed, destroyed, cropped or in a variety of colors – almost every pair of jeans out there were skin-tight around our ankles. Well, good news for those of us who are looking to switch things up: flare jeans are back in style.

I love flare jeans, and I’ve been so excited to see them popping up in my favorite stores again. Flare jeans give off a definite ’70s vibe, even though they’re not as dramatic as bell-bottoms. They’re flattering on everyone and they’re so comfy. Plus, they look awesome!

If you’ve been dependent on skinny jeans, I can understand how you might be confused on how to wear your new flare jeans. Honestly, they should be treated like any other pair of jeans, but hey… we could all use a little style inspiration for this spring trend. Here are 20 style tips on how to wear flare jeans:

1. Make your jeans look more professional with a solid top and a fitted blazer.

2. A simple button-down is always a great option. Leave it tucked in, front tucked, or half tucked.

3. Keep it casual with a tank and a long flowy vest or scarf.

4. Kimonos are still on trend this year! Wear a long one with a pair of high-waist flare jeans for a serious boho vibe.

5. Okay, so they’re not jeans, but these turquoise flare blazers were too gorgeous not to post! Wear them with a crop top to look as fabulous as this girl.

6. Add a pair of wedges or platform clogs, and all you need is tank top and you’re good to go!

7. To be super casual, all you need is a pretty graphic tee or tank.

8. Opt for high-waist flare jeans and a cute cropped top.

9. Add a pop of color to your denim with a bright shirt like this one.

10. Add a bit of structure to your look with a fitted leather jacket like this one.

11. You don’t have to stick with blue denim – try something different, like red! Add classic stripes and a cute pattern.

12. Keep it casual and cute with a pair of destroyed jeans, a white tee, some jewelry, and a hat.

13. Try a little layering for the colder days of spring. A sweater over a button down looks less preppy with flared jeans.

14. Sometimes all you need is a tank, a belt, and a colorful scarf.

15. Since flared jeans aren’t tight, fitted tops are usually a great way to balance out your outfit. But loose tops work too! Case in point: this loose white tank.

16. Add a long cardigan for lots of comfort.

17. Go for a classic denim-on-denim look like this girl. The statement necklace makes the outfit!

18. Wear high-waist flare jeans with a basic tee. It couldn’t be easier, but looks so chic!

19. Give yourself a little more of a shape up top by nipping in your waist with a thin belt.

20. When it’s still chilly outside, wrap your blanket scarf around you as a sweater instead of a scarf. With flare jeans, it has a seriously cute boho vibe.

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