20 Style Tips On How To Wear Floral Pants or Shorts

In the beginning of the summer, I heard a lot of people saying things like, “Floral is back!” I was sitting there, like, “Did it ever go anywhere?” In my mind, floral is a classic print trend that works every single spring or summer. In fact, I even like dark florals in the fall or winter! I just love the pattern, no matter what color or how realistic it is, and I probably always will.

Floral is traditionally a really feminine trend, which is probably why some people find it difficult to wear. It can easily look too little-girlish, like you’re about to set off to your first day of kindergarten. But it can also easily be dressed up and made to look more sophisticated. Floral pants and shorts can be styled basically the same way, so if you have a pair that you want to wear, you need to check this out. Here are 20 style tips on how to wear floral pants or shorts.

1. Wear your floral shorts with a hat, ankle boots, and a cute graphic tee.

2. In the fall, pair your floral pants with a denim jacket. Dress it up with jeans, or down with sneakers.

3. Wear a top that’s the same color as one of the hues in the pants. Add glam accessories like a statement necklace and cute shoes.

4. You can still wear floral pants in the fall or winter! Just add knee high boots and a cute sweater.

5. You can even make floral shorts winter appropriate by wearing them with tights and a cardigan. Love the flower crown touch!

6. Mix your floral shorts with a hint of layering by wearing a chunky sweater over a button-down shirt. So preppy and cute!

7. Toughen up the floral print with a leather jacket and black top.

8. Floral pants go great with chambray shirts. Wear yours open over a white tee…

9. …Or buttoned up and tucked in!

10. Make your floral pants a little more professional by pairing them with a bright blazer.

11. Don’t be afraid to mix up your prints. Look how bold this outfit is!

12. For a summery look, wear your floral bottoms with a crop top.

13. Floral shorts look cute and preppy with a white top and simple cardigan.

14. Do something different and try floral palazzo pants with a crop top.

15. Don’t feel like you have to wear neutrals with your floral bottoms. Go for a bright button-down top and shoes.

16. Make floral pants way more cool and tough with a graphic tee and sneaker wedges.

17. Pair floral shorts with a long kimono, like so.

18. For a super feminine look, pair floral bottoms with a lace top and lots of bangles.

19. For a very simple, but still chic look, pair floral bottoms with a neutral top in gray, black, or white.

20. An over-sized sweater looks so cute with floral pants. Add heels to make it more fancy.

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