20 Style Tips On How To Wear Fringe For Spring

With spring comes a whole slew of new trends, and I could not be more excited about wearing them. One of the biggest trends that was seen on all the runways is fringe – I’m sure you’ve noticed this if you’ve been to the mall or a clothing store lately. Fringe is everywhere right now: on accessories like bags and shoes, shirts, jackets, jewelry, even pants.

Here’s the thing with fringe, though: it can look amazing, stylish, boho, and super cool… or it can look out-of-place and kind of tacky. If you want to go the stylish route with fringe, there are so many different things you can do to make it look amazing. I’m excited for this trend because it feels very ’70s and bohemian to me, and that’s one of my favorite styles ever. So, these tips are helping me just as much as they’re helping you! Here are 20 style tips on how to wear fringe for spring:

1. A cute pair of fringe boots are perfect for spring. Wear them with a dress and cardigan or kimono.

2. A fringe vest is really cute and can be worn over dresses or shirts and jeans.

3. Tackle two spring trends at once and wear a suede fringe jacket while it’s still chilly out.

4. A fringe crop top is really cute, and it’s perfect if you don’t want your entire stomach to be out.

5. Go boho crazy and pair a fringe kimono with a fringe bag and a floppy hat.

6. Fringe bikinis are super popular and can be found everywhere. They’re more fun than regular bikinis!

7. You can wear a fringe bag with anything, but it looks especially cute with a maxi skirt.

8. If you just want a little bit of fringe in your life, opt for a necklace.

9. You can also make one yourself!

10. A fringe cardigan is the perfect thing to keep you warm on chilly days.

11. Repurpose an old t-shirt by making it into a cool fringe top.

12. Add a fringe scarf to a t-shirt, dress, or tank to add some style to your outfit.

13. You can even make on of your own out of an old shirt you don’t want anymore.

14. A cool fringe tank top like this looks great with high-waisted jeans.

15. A fringe bag makes a dressed-up outfit look a little bit more casual.

16. Fringe on heels is a fun way to make your shoes really stand out.

17. Make your fringe stuff even more special by adding beads.

18. Get a skirt like this one – the super long fringe is so unique and fun.

19. Pair a fringe kimono with jeans and a simple top.

20. Fringe sandals automatically make every outfit more fun.

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