20 Style Tips On How To Wear A Leather Jacket

As corny as this sounds, I still remember when I got my first leather jacket. I had wanted one for years, but I was never sure that I could really pull it off. When I thought of leather jackets, I thought of tough chicks who could look good in anything they wore. I’m a short blonde girl with a baby face – I definitely didn’t think I could wear one without looking ridiculous.

But then I found a cheap cropped black “leather” jacket from Forever 21 that I liked. I figured that I might as well try it out since it was so inexpensive – and then I loved it so much that I wore a hole in the sleeve (note: this will not happen with real leather). I upgraded to a real one, and this year I have been rocking two vegan leather jackets, one from Volcom and one from American Eagle. I no longer feel out of place in my leather jacket – I just love it.

The point is, anyone can get away with wearing a leather jacket! You don’t have to ride a motorcycle, or have a certain type of attitude, or dress a certain type of way. Leather jackets look good with anything and everything, whether you’re toughening up a floral dress or going for a chic, all-black ensemble. Want different ideas on how to yours this fall? Here are 20 style tips on how to wear leather jackets:

1. Layer it over a plaid shirt and add ankle boots for a serious fall vibe.

2. Make a light-colored midi skirt work for fall by adding a leather jacket and ankle boots.

3. Pair your leather jacket with cameo pants to look extra tough – I also love that she’s wearing a beanie and heels.

4. Dress up your boyfriend jeans with a statement necklace, leather jacket, and pretty heels.

5. You can make your summery maxi dress work for cooler weather by wearing it under a leather jacket.

6. A leather jacket makes a super casual outfit of leggings, knee-high boots and an infinity scarf instantly cuter.

7. Wear a white dress with a leather jacket, black tights, and combat boots to toughen it up and make it work for fall.

8. A leather jacket makes even a professional-looking skirt and sweater more cool.

9. You can make a go-to summer outfit of a skirt and tank top work for fall by adding tights and a leather jacket.

10. One of the easiest outfits for fall? A dark colored dress, tights, a leather jacket, and a cute scarf.

11. You can skip the tights with a dress if you add boots, a leather jacket and a scarf. Totally weather appropriate!

12. Wear your leather jacket over a feminine printed tank top and jeans for a simple and casual look.

13. A brown leather jacket over a striped shirt is a classic look you can’t go wrong with.

14. Wear your leather jacket with colored jeans to make things more fun and bright.

15. Make your going out, date night look more cozy by adding a leather jacket.

16. Spice up an oversized sweater and boots by simply adding a leather jacket.

17. How amazing does this jacket look over a pleated maxi skirt?

18. Layer your leather jacket over a sweatshirt to stay extra warm.

19. Make your summer jumpsuit work for fall by pairing it with a leather jacket.

20. Go for an all-black ensemble for a seriously glam outfit.

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