20 Style Tips On How To Wear Red Jeans For Any Season

Colored denim is a must-have for spring and summer fashion – scratch that, it’s a must-have for any season. While blue and black denim is classic, colored jeans are also really awesome, and will spice up any wardrobe. Red jeans in particular are a great choice. Not only have multiple studies shown that wearing red attracts more attention (if you’re into that sort of thing), but the color is bright, happy, and will fun.

I’ve never owned a pair of red jeans because it’s never been my favorite color, but honestly, these outfits make me want to run out and buy a pair. Although I think red jeans look especially amazing in the fall and winter, they absolutely work for warmer weather too. They can basically be styled just like regular denim, but the below looks are probably the most flattering. Here are 20 style tips on how to wear red jeans for any season:

1. Pair them with a nude colored top for a simple, classic look.

2. Use this basic summer to winter transition for two cute outfit ideas.

3. Pair them with a dark flannel shirt for a perfect fall or winter look.

4. Black and white polka dots in combination with red jeans is a classic girly perfection.

5. A striped shirt with red jeans is always a good look. Add a blazer in colder weather, ditch it in warmer weather!

6. Pick an outfit based on what kind of style you’re going for.

7. A white lace shirt will work for any season.

8. Wear them with a leopard print shirt for a bold look.

9. Don’t be afraid to try color-blocking by pairing red jeans with a red shirt. Pick two different tones, and add something to break it up, like this vest.

10. It doesn’t get much easier than this casual summer look: roll up your red jeans and wear them with a simple white tank and sandals.

11. Go for a classic American look and wear them with a white blouse and a navy blue blazer.

12. Make your outfit super fun by wearing your red jeans with a graphic tee. Add a patterned jacket to stand out even more.

13. Chambray shirts and red jeans are a match made in heaven.

14. Use this guide for basics:

15. Black and red is an easy combo that always looks good. Spice it up by adding leopard accessories.

16. Wear a black and white striped shirt and a tan jacket for a really gorgeous classic look.

17. Don’t think you can only pair red jeans with neutrals! Go bold by wearing a patterned shirt with them.

18. A darker wash looks awesome with a floral shirt and mustard cardigan.

19. Wear cropped red jeans with a white tee and loose scarf for a summer look.

20. When all else fails, wear any one of these awesome outfits!

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