20 Style Tips On How To Wear Skater Skirts

Out of all of the skirt options out there, my absolute favorite kind has to be a skater skirt. In my opinion, skater skirts are universally flattering on every single body type. They’re easy to wear, they can be made casual or more dressy, they’re comfortable, and they’re relatively inexpensive (usually). Skater skirts are so versatile! I love all of the options they bring along.

But just because they’re versatile doesn’t mean we all know exactly how to style them. I once got stuck in a skater skirt rut where all I did was pair them with tucked in, button-down shirts. It got boring fast. So, if you want to make your favorite piece look amazing, here are 20 style tips on how to wear skater skirts for any season.

1. For a casual, breezy summer look, go for a loose tank over your skater skirt. Add a flower crown for fun!

2. Pair your skirt with a crop top and cardigan for a cute, layered look.

3. Or just wear it with a crop top and no cardigan! This is a great way to wear a crop top without showing too much skin, if you’re not into that.

4. For the fall or winter, pair your skater skirt with a cozy knit sweater, a scarf, tights and boots. So cute!

5. Tuck a chambray shirt into your skater skirt for a very cool, casual look.

6. Make a plaid shirt infinitely more chic by tucking it into a skater skirt. You can wear this with tights in the winter, sandals in the summer.

7. Pair a skater skirt with a blazer and chic accessories for a work-appropriate look.

8. Go for super simple with a white tee or tank and a long necklace.

9. Make your skater skirt more fun and casual with a graphic tee.

10. A sweatshirt paired with a skater skirt is a fun mix. Add combat boots for some toughness.

11. Try some serious layering by pairing your skirt with a chambray shirt and leather vest. A statement necklace doesn’t hurt!

12. Make your skirt fancy by pairing it with a glam top.

13. Make a floral skater skirt more tough by wearing it with a leather jacket.

14. Go for a preppy look by wearing your skater skirt with a slim sweater, and cinching it all in at the waist with a skinny belt.

15. You can’t go wrong when wearing a skater skirt with a button-down top.

16. Add over-the-knee socks for a super hip look.

17. Add a denim jacket with your skater skirt for a very cool outfit.

18. Pair a bright, neon skirt with a more neutral top.

19. Mix prints and add sneakers for a fun and unique look.

20. Go for classic glam by pairing a black skater skirt with a striped shirt.

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