20 Style Tips On How To Wear Thigh-High Socks

It’s official: thigh-high socks are back, and may even be here to stay. When I was a kid, I associated high socks with my very strict Catholic school, since they were part of my uniform. In high school, I couldn’t think of thigh-high socks without conjuring up images of Clueless, my favorite ’90s movie. But for the last few years, thigh-high socks have come back into style in a major way, and now the only thing that comes to mind when I think of them are really cute outfits.

Even though they seem easy to wear, thigh-high socks can be a little bit intimidating, especially for someone who’s never worn them before. Last year, I bought a pair of black knit thigh-high socks, and wore them… once. With a plain black dress. Every time I put them on, I felt like they either looked weird on me. Basically, I was really self-conscious. But after seeing all of these pictures of bloggers wearing their socks and looking amazing, I’m ready to give this another try. Here are 20 style tips on how to wear thigh-high socks:

1. Go for a very boho-chic look with a loose, bohemian dress and a cute hat.

2. Make a romper work for fall by wearing it with thigh high socks.

3. You can make high-waisted shorts work for fall as well with thigh-high socks and a warm cardigan.

4. A skater skirt and cozy sweater look perfect with high socks and lace-up ankle boots.

5. Go for a goth-inspired look by wearing all black.

6. Black thigh-high socks and a floral dress make for a nice contrast.

7. In cooler weather, pair your thigh-high socks over sheer tights, a skirt, a denim jacket and a beanie.

8. How perfect is this over-sized sweater worn as a dress with thigh-high socks?

9. Pick a fun, quirky look by buying a pair with a cute design, like these cat socks. It’s a great way to show off your personality.

10. Go for a totally Clueless-inspired look with a plaid dress and thigh-high socks.

11. You don’t have to buy black thigh-highs! Buy a fun color, like these cranberry socks.

12. Or choose a textured, patterened pair, like these sheer lace socks.

13. Wear your socks under high boots, so they peak out in the cutest way.

14. Thigh-high socks are perfect for a really layered outfit, like this one. It looks effortlessly cool.

15. Make denim shorts work for fall by wearing them with a cozy cardigan, thigh high socks and combat boots.

16. Or pair them with sheer tights, a big scarf, plaid shirt and beanie.

17. A skirt and striped shirt with black thigh-highs? Classic combo. Love the vest!

18. Keep warm in the cold rainy weather by wearing thick socks under your rain boots.

19. In the coldest days of winter, layer your thigh-high socks over jeans and under boots.

20. Or just wear yours at home in your pajamas. A jar of Nutella never hurts either!

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